BUS cables

Networking of automation and communication systems.


BUS cables meet high requirements for transmission values. The CC product portfolio includes all currently available fieldbus types. ConCab was significantly involved in the development of the LON-BUS system. In order to be able to meet the increasingly high mechanical requirements in safe automation, the ConCab delivery program has been supplemented by Profibus cables, which are intended as the “torsion” variant for use in robots and as the “festoon” variant, e.g. for supplying cable trolleys in crane technology. Open automation networks follow a de facto standard, especially in Asia, which is becoming more and more established outside the Asian market with CC-Link. Following this standard, ConCab also has a suitable cable in its delivery program to connect the CC-Link compatible devices with a powerful BUS system. ConCab kabel gmbh is a registered member of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA).
Use in energy guiding chains as well as automatic handling machines is also possible.



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